Park & Kim BBQ+Gloria Jean’s Coffee: The 3rd Anniversary Date

On January 21, Pat and I decided to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. It was originally on the 18th, but we were so busy that we were only able to go out the following Monday (which is actually my day off of work). Since he was going to Dagupan anyway, we decided to just go on a date there.

Park & Kim Korean BBQ

That day, we decided to go to Park & Kim BBQ in Eastgate Plaza for lunch. We had every intention to go before but we always tend to deviate towards Todd’s, the American restaurant right beside it (which we will write about in the future). This time around, we decided that we will FINALLY try Park & Kim BBQ since we hadn’t tried any Korean Food before.


I was pleasantly surprised with how the place looked like. It was quaint, but not too small, especially since there were not a lot of people inside. I find the framed yellow walls with the photos of the food they serve really quirky and attractive (it could be that I’m biased because I’m partial to yellow). The digital photos of Korea were really interesting to me, too!  Pat liked the fact that there wasn’t any music played. He likes to concentrate on his food. LOL! He doesn’t like it when restaurants play loud music, for him, it ruins the whole experience.


Mandatory selfies while waiting for the food. We’re not even slightly apologetic about camwhoring. LOL!

As for the menu, they actually offer a wide array of Korean Food such as Kimchi Soup, Squid Bokkeum (Stir fry), Mool Naengmyon (cold noodles) and Dry Spicy Noodles.


As we wait for our order, they brought us a plate of fried Zucchini and Kimchi. I was so scared to try it at first because I’m not really a big fan of uber spicy food, but I actually loved it because the it was the right kind of spice and tolerable, too! The Kimchi did not have the fishy type of spice wherein the sensation stays on your lips, it was quite fragrant and the heat was evenly spread all throughout the mouth. Furthermore, it perfectly matched the sweetness of the zucchini. I loved it!


Presenting, our entrees! Since Pat and I are first time Korean foodies, we tried the ones we always hear about, Dolsot Bibimbap (mixed rice in a stone pot) and Beef Bulgogi (marinated barbecued beef). The food was actually really good! I must say, however, that I preferred Pat’s over mine. Yes, it was tasty, delicious, even, but I’m not a big fan of sweet viands. I liked how his Bibimbap had a variety of savory flavors with a hint of nutty-ness (considering that I don’t like nuts, that says a lot!). Pat, on the other hand, says he likes my Bulgogi better than his because it’s sweet enough for him to enjoy. Nevertheless, he enjoyed his food, as well. We were thinking of exchanging food but he was already halfway his…Yoko nga, no fair!

The service was okay, as far as I am concerned, the servers were very nice. As for the portions, I have to commend the fact that they’re huge considering the price (it ranges from 170-270php) and we were so full after lunch. Later, we went to Terra Spa (also located inside East Gate Plaza) to get a massage and make space for dessert (THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE ROOM FOR DESSERT!!!). Quick segue, you MUST visit Terra Spa when you’re in Dagupan, their massages are amazing!

Pat’s: 10/10 (man, he really loved this place!)
Bea’s: 8.5/10

Park & Kim is located in Eastgate Plaza, A.B. Fernandez East, Dagupan City, Pangasinan. You can contact them at (075) 513-8800.

Gloria Jean’s

Pat surprised me by bringing me to Gloria Jean’s. I’ve been wanting to get myself a white hot chocolate and upon knowing that they have it, he placed it in our day’s itinerary. He actually planned the whole date!


The first thing I’ve noticed is how well decorated the place it but it was so jam-packed-full of people which defeats the purpose of a coffee shop in my books. The small introvert in me prefers quiet almost deserted coffee shops where you can just sit back study or read a book. Pat was astonished with the fact that they have a parking space and that he can see where he is parked. *Sigh* My boyfriend and his love for his car!


Of course I ordered a Hot White Chocolate and I loved it to bits (so did Pat)! Why wouldn’t I when it’s two of my favorite things in the world combined: White Chocolate and Hot Chocolate. Pat was asking me if I wanted another order but I said no because I thought I was too full. It was only after I finished it up when I realized that I should have said yes. Ugh!


Pat’s Iced White Chocolate Mocha. It’s pretty but don’t be fooled. I think it was so full of ice that it tasted a little…stale (sorry!). He didn’t enjoy it either because he thinks it was too bitter for an Iced drink.


Our Moist Chocolate Cake which lives up to it’s name. It’s so rich, dense and moist and not too sweet, too! This is definitely a must-have.


We bought a small pack of Cheetos in GJ for the ride home because one does not simply pass by a bag of Cheetos and not get it.

Pat’s: 8/10
Bea’s: 8/10

Gloria Jean’s is located in Orient Pacific Center, Perez Boulevard, Dagupan City, Pangasinan. You may contact them at (075) 513-8800.

Overall, the food that we had during the day were more than satisfactory and we are looking forward to more food journeys in the future!

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